Staying online efficient in 2021

by | May 27, 2021 | As Seen On TV

2020 was a tough year for many businesses, and 2021 has its own share of challenges too.

“We’ve had a lot of companies that have just either had to layoff individuals or they are really having challenges getting some of their staff back after all of 2020 and COVID. So there’s, there’s a big challenge in finding the right staff trying to become efficient, because everybody’s getting back busy again,” says John Motazedi, SNC2.

Using the right strategies can help ease the transition. That can start with simple steps like reorganizing your day.

John Motazedi, SNC2: “You’d be surprised how many times we get on into something to check emails and before you know, we’re 45 minutes into an email or we go on a website, etc., and that just becomes a time suck and we want to just kind of eliminate those things,” says Motazedi. Instead set aside specific times for specific tasks. There also may be some job functions you can automate, saving time. And upgrading the equipment itself could help.

John Motazedi, SNC2: “Maybe improve your technology faster computers better software better tools, better ways to actually run your existing using technology,” says Motazedi.

And there are other changes to consider that can help with both hiring and retaining staff. Consider higher pay, better benefits or even outsourcing certain tasks like IT support.


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