Tech Tips for Vacation Travel

by | Jun 29, 2021 | As Seen On TV


Vacation planning usually involves packing a bag, gassing up the car, and doublechecking hotel reservations.

“It’s vacation time, it’s summertime, COVID lifted so we now can start traveling.” Says John Motazedi, SNC2.

But to make sure you get the most out of your trip, make sure technology is also ready to hit the road.

“So something such as Google Maps allows you to literally download the destination maps without having to actually use their cell phone or any sort of internet usage over there.” Says Motazedi.

Early downloads can also help with the car or plane ride, putting movies at your fingertips.

“A lot of the vendors are now providing movies so you can actually watch them offline and that keeps everybody happy.” Says Motazedi.

How you use your phone away from home could cost extra.

Check your phone plan for potential issues and make changes if needed.

And make sure you keep your phone and other devices powered up. Bring a portable charging bank.

“You can also always turn your phone to power saving mode. Again, most individuals aren’t making a lot of phone calls on vacation, a lot of it. So you want to get that phone just to be sipping power as opposed to using it full bore.” Says Motazedi.

And just in case the worst case scenario happens, back up your devices.

“In case you lose it, in case you drop it. Before you go, put a backup on your home computer or put a backup on your desktop. Alternatively you can always use either the Google Cloud or the iCloud to make sure you’re uploading all of your information to those, just in case the phone is actually lost or stolen.” Says Motazedi.