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Reduce cost, minimize security risk, increase productivity, and change your business forever.

Every company is different, but our Expert IT Consultants will engineer an IT approach that fits your needs & budget.

We start with a full analysis of your current systems and processes which allows us to design a network that will meet your immediate computing needs and scale for your future business needs.

From Rolla to Claremore and from Ft. Scott to Fayetteville, SNC Squared IT Consulting Services in Joplin gives you a competitive advantage.

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Disaster Planning Consulting

Disaster Recovery Plan

SNC Squared has successfully navigated disaster recovery for ourselves and our clients. Our consulting provides the systematic design and implementation of a logical plan to recover all business processes in the event of a disaster.
Office Moves Include moving computers, network devices, switches, firewall, printers, monitors

Office Moves

Uncomfortable moving and setting up your network, computer and server equipment in a new office? Ask our engineers to help you with the proper, secure breakdown & setup of your new office.
Wireless Survey of WIFI in your office, store or factory.

Wireless Survey

Tired of devices continually dropping off of the wireless network. We can do a full site survey and locate all the dead zones, and interference spots. We will then recommend the best location and equipment to maximize the security, speed & reliability of your wireless network.
Network Projects

Project Work

Do you need a unique solution or a specific job done? We can do that for you while you focus on other tasks in your business.
Expert IT Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Every business might need some additional hands to work through an upcoming project. Allow our expert techs to assist you as your right hand. Use our expertise to simplify and expedite your installs. Read more about our Co-Managed IT Services here.

Introduction To Your Business

For an IT consultant, a good understanding of your business processes is key to delivering efficient services. So, before designing a system, we take the time to meet with you and your team. Other IT consultants try to fit your company into their offerings. At SNC Squared, we take a more holistic approach, bringing solutions that are best in class and designed to fit your needs. With a wide array of options, we pick the best of each and build a solution that works for you.

Analysis of Network & Systems Design

SNC Squared technicians are highly certified and have years of experience.

  • We start by scheduling our technical team for a walk-through of your facility. Our goal is to define the needs of the organization in a very detailed step by step process.
  • What is your current need?
  • What will you need in order to scale as your business grows.
  • Does your company need or require compliance adoptions like HIPAA or PCI?
  • What are your budget requirements and ongoing financial liabilities?

Once we collect the information, our team designs and builds a network from the foundation up. We design fast, secure networks that carry voice, video, and data both internally and around the world.

Implementation & Stabilization

The next critical step in the process is the implementation of the technologies and solutions. This can be a difficult transition time since many companies are working through an evolution from an old system to a new one. The task likely involves new processes and learning new ways to do things more efficiently. Once implementation is complete the old systems are shut down and processes are stabilized. The day-to-day tasks are normalized and users become more comfortable in their roles. This is the point that downtime is reduced, efficiency is increased and ultimately, profits increase as the capacity to do work goes up.

Documentation & Risk Remediation

All process implementations are documented to allow for tracking and standardization of steps. We take pride in the way our engineers address routine tasks consistently. This minimizes errors and allows remedial tasks to be performed at greater speeds. Additionally, proper documentation is key to minimizing risks and vulnerabilities. Oversight and process review by SNC Squared is crucial to identifying and mitigating the risks to your business.

Strategy, Future Planning & Virtual CIO

It is not financially feasible for most small to mid-sized businesses to have a full-time CIO on staff. As a result, many SMB‘s fail to plan for the future of their technology and lack foresight in upcoming changes that affect them. SNC2 solution experts stay ahead of technology trends and with periodic one-to-one meetings to inform business owners of their options in the future. Additionally, our vendor management services allow technical resources to address, challenge, and solve issues directly with vendors, minimizing time wasted by clients. Our clients are more efficient and more profitable. Virtual CIO services are included with most of our MSP offerings.

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