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Many small businesses find it challenging to deploy, maintain, and protect their technology. Whether your goal is predictable IT costs, reduced unplanned outages,  increase communication efficiency, or create a business continuity planSNC Squared has a solution for you.

SNC Squared Guarantee 

A friendly, knowledgeable technician will respond to clients calls and start resolving their computer problems within minutes.

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If you’re wondering if you may have outgrown your current IT, find that your current IT Provider is slow and/or unresponsive, you always seem to have IT problems or don’t have a disaster recovery & backup plan, you need to talk to the experts who have been solving exactly those issues since 1998 and didn’t loose ANY client data during the Joplin May 22, 2011 Tornado.

You need a a disaster recovery plan that includes reliable, recoverable backups. You need modern cyber-security that includes Darkweb Monitoring, Cryptolocker Blocker, Spyware Protection & Anti-Phishing Solutions. Then, you need to be able to monitor those systems and keep them up-to-date.

CFO – Hampshire Pet Products

Thanks to SNC and the services they provide, the work required to keep our disaster recovery system functioning correctly has been virtually eliminated.

Executive Director – Choices Medical

You pretty much can’t function unless you’ve got that kind of resource at your fingertips.

Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri

For a small business like ours, Managed Services just makes sense.

Owner – Kennedy Insulation Group

In this ever changing world of viruses, patches, and updates SNC Squared is vital for peace of mind.

President – PRG Prototyping

In my 15 years in business, I have never been so happy with my computer network.

Compliance Officer – Ortho Four States

I would recommend their services to any business owner needing assistance with their IT issues.

MD – Family Health Center Direct

We have yet to come up with a problem they cannot fix.

Office Manager – M&T Dermatology

We are now in a much better position to meet the new requirements for Meaningful Use and provide better service for our patients.

IT Manager – Jasper Products

We have been working with John and SNC Squared from their beginning and are always pleased with the reliable, competent and friendly service we receive.

CPA – Schmidt Associates

I didn’t even know that I had a problem. And, I was just thinking ‘WOW,’ think of all the data that saved because they noticed I was having a problem, even when I didn’t.

(417) 622-0933

IT Security Tips

The on-screen keyboard: use it!

One of the most notorious spyware/malware targets is your keyboard – keylogger software has been around for ages. The longtime favorite of electronic crooks, keyloggers are made even easier for bad guys to distribute and for you to accidentally come in contact with by...

Privacy – it’s just smart business!

Privacy and security are important to your organization, but they’re even more important to those whom you serve. Nearly 75% of Americans feel it is “extremely” or “very” important that the companies they work with keep their information under lock and key and the...

Staying secure in a social media world

The age of social media has let millions of people reconnect and stay up-to-date with family members, friends, ex-in-laws and acquaintances. It also continues to shape how we all communicate with each other. It’s important to keep a few things in mind before you check...

Did you know?

How important is computer and cyber security? Let’s take a look at some facts to put it in perspective. Did you know that, according to a 2014 National Small Business Association Report, 44% of US small businesses were the victim of a cyber-attack, with each attack...

Why do I need so many passwords???

Passwords and management of those passwords are a big pain – no two ways around it. One website requires a symbol, another requires 14 characters and your bank requires 10 characters, four PIN numbers and the answer to a secret question. It becomes easy to just use...

Two-factor what?

Two-factor authentication (2FA for short), sometimes called multi-factor authentication, is a system in which you must verify your identity in two separate ways to access an account – this may be a login password, an online account or an account to access an...

Set this up for your bank account to prevent fraud

Did you know your COMPANY’S bank account doesn’t enjoy the same protections as a personal bank account when it comes to fraud? If a hacker takes money from your business account, the bank is NOT responsible for replacing your funds. (Don’t believe me? Go ask your bank...

Is my PCI compliance good enough to serve as a network cyber security audit?

We often get asked if an organization has passed its PCI compliance requirements for accepting credit cards; is there really a need for more security and compliance? The answer is yes! While the PCI architecture and requirements heavily overlap network security...

Do you need an “incident response” plan?

An incident response plan is an organized approach to addressing the aftermath of a security breach or cyber-attack. Certain industries, like medical or financial institutions, absolutely should have one. But even if you don’t have a lot of sensitive information, it’s...

Should your laptop be encrypted?

It’s just another Tuesday on your way to work and you stopped by your favorite busy coffee shop to get your caffeine fix. You set your tablet down to add the cream and, when you turn back, your laptop is gone. It’s nowhere in sight, nor is the thief who stole it. If...
The Top 8 Reasons Every Company Needs IT Support

The Top 8 Reasons Every Company Needs IT Support

We have assembled the main eight reasons why you need professional IT support for your business. Professional IT support can keep your business competitive and also spare you some extra cash. 1. Increase ROI and Save Money Over Time Hiring IT Support is definitely an...

Missing Emails in Outlook? Check your junk folder.

Missing Emails in Outlook? Check your junk folder.

Sometimes, seemingly for no apparent reason, Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA) will put genuine email into your Junk E-Mail folder.  Usually some feature of the message will have caused it to be treated as junk.  This can even happen to email from colleagues within the...

Disaster Readiness and Recovery

Disaster Readiness and Recovery

  As we come upon another Tornado Season, we want to take a moment to remind our fellow Four-States area businesses the importance of having a disaster readiness and recovery plan in place. If you have any questions or would like help with a risk assessment, we...