Email/Spam Protection

Get Rid Of Annoying Spam & Protect Your Email

Email has taken over as the main way people connect with their clients. Due to the popularity, there is an increased risk of SPAM and MALWARE attacks on your computer through email.

What you can expect with our email services:

Security - We’ll help ensure you aren’t getting viruses or worms before you even click to open!

Access and Archive – We’ll help you with filters and access online, so you can check the email even when out of the office and filter emails to quickly find an old email.

Efficiently Handle Data Load - We can offload email to an alternate server for archiving, allowing you to use servers more efficiently.

Search with Ease – We’ll ensure the emails are indexed properly to help you access them with ease!

Our system has other benefits as well including:

  1. We host your email so that even if your server goes down, you can continue to access your email.
  2. We archive your old email so that if you inadvertently delete or lose an old email, we’ve got you covered.

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