Disaster Recovery Planning

Almost Half Of Businesses Fail After A Disaster. Will Yours?

Most data disasters can be avoided. But, most businesses and business owners are running at full speed keeping everything going and dealing with the day-to-day emergencies. So, a disaster recovery plan, making sure everything is backed up and ready in case of emergency may not always be their first thought.

When we talk to business owners about disasters, some usually imagine the May 2011 tornado. However, there are plenty of disasters that don’t involve Mother Nature. Disaster can be as simple as theft or disaster can be a corrupted database without a backup.

Fortunately, most of our clients will not suffer from a data disaster. That’s because of one of these two things:

  1. They have a well thought-out disaster recovery plan in place that we have helped consult them on.
  2. They have an automated reliable data backup and recovery system in place.

We show our clients the process to create the recovery plan, and when they can see the finish line, it’s not as daunting as they thought. Disaster Recovery Planning does require work and thought, but with our process, have it completed in a few hours.

This is the same disaster recovery planning system that we used for all of our clients who came back from the tornado. The system is not theoretical – it’s been proven time and time again. In fact, I have a best-selling book on the subject!

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