Data Loss Is A Thing Of The Past

When you lose company data and can’t get it back, you’re in trouble. You have to then re-create data some-how, which is time consuming, involving significant data entry, research, collaboration and additional stress.

But, our clients don’t have to worry about this problem.

Why? It’s simple. We use a tested backup system that can do restores of your entire network. Furthermore, we have procedures in place to make absolutely sure that the backups are indeed happening. You can even have your backup set to reoccur every 30 minutes. The backups are also off-site so even if something happened to your office, your data is totally safe.

This is not theoretical. These are the same systems that we used during the 2011 tornado. They work. Our clients were back up and running in just a few hours, whether or not they had a physical office.

We lost NO data.

As a FREE “Get To Know SNC Squared” gift,
we’re offering you a Data Backup Analysis.

During this analysis, we’ll send an engineer to your office to audit your current data backup and maintenance schedule to see if ALL of your data really is being backed up in a secure format that can easily be restored. We take business continuity seriously. This is a FREE service for you. Don’t wait until your server crashes or you need to recover deleted files to check on your backups. Sign up below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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