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What If Your IT Company Was As Bottom-Line Oriented As You?

Typically when we think of IT companies, we picture the Geek Squad or something similarly nerdy. We are nerds. It’s true and I won’t try to deny it. But honestly that doesn’t sound like someone who is your partner and is working for the same goal as you. That sounds like someone who comes in and fixes the problems that you have in your computer network and that’s it. And that is indeed the way it is for most IT companies in the world.

I imagined something quite different when I created SNC Squared. Since I’m a business owner myself, I understand exactly what it’s like to run a small business. I have all of the same problems that most small business owners face. So, it only makes sense that I worked this process out on my own company first.

It’s called process-driven IT.

No matter what business you are in, you have very specific needs. It’s not as simple as making sure the computers and printers are working. Your IT should take into account ALL of your processes, providing speed and automation to each. That’s what process-driven IT is all about.

Doesn’t look like that in your office? I understand. It’s not your fault. Most IT companies don’t get this. Instead they take it from an “up-and-running” perspective, “As long as the computers and network are up and running, we’re in good shape.” There’s nothing wrong with that per se. Rather it’s just that it could be SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT.

Want to see what Process-Driven IT would look like in your business?

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