Healthcare Providers

When Your Business is Health Care, Your IT Isn’t Just Important… It’s Critical

When your IT is working, so is your business. When it isn’t, your business is in trouble. However, what IT means in the health care field is very different from what it means in other fields.


In a word, COMPLIANCE. While other fields may run into this from time to time, in the health care field you know it is close to all-encompassing. As a result, your IT must include dealing with compliance and that is a part of your process.

Doesn’t look like that in your office? I understand. It’s not your fault. Most IT companies don’t get this. Instead, they take it from an “up-and-running” perspective, “As long as the computers and network are up and running, we’re in good shape.” There’s nothing wrong with that per se. Rather it’s just that it could be SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT.

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