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What Happens When Your Computer Guy Doesn’t Get Financial?

You have very specific needs. It’s not as simple as making sure the computers and printers are running. You’ve got software that has to work with other software and that software is your life blood. If your computer guy isn’t familiar with the particular software that you are using, it’s like using a General Practitioner for a Heart Transplant…just not a good idea.

You need someone who speaks your language. You need someone who’s got some experience. You want someone who will be able to make correct decisions under pressure.

AND, that’s who we are. We’ve been working with clients in the financial industry for 12 years now. We get it. And, we also get that this is just a part of a process.

Your IT should take into account ALL of your processes, providing speed and automation to each. That’s what process-driven IT is all about.

Doesn’t look like that in your office? I understand. It’s not your fault. Most IT companies don’t get this. Instead they take it from an “up-and-running” perspective, “As long as the computers and network are up and running, we’re in good shape.” There’s nothing wrong with that per se. Rather it’s just that it could be SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT.