How to increase your IT efficiency while capping costs

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Co-managed

Cybercriminals are using the Covid-19 pandemic as an unprecedented opportunity to hack into business networks, steal personal information, and extort companies with ransomware.  Unfortunately, many companies can’t afford to scale their security up during this crisis, and in-house IT departments are already overwhelmed setting up work from home or dealing with reduced staffing levels.

SNC Squared co-managed IT solutions allow businesses to have access to a large, highly skilled IT department and bank-level security and tools with plans that allow you to scale back IT expenses and save money without sacrificing security, performance, or user experience. 

  1. Our security team has decades of experience and a wide array of the best off-the-shelf and in-house-developed security tools to keep you safe.
  2. You can kick-start stalled projects and bring in the resources to complete IT initiatives quickly because SNC Squared can bring in their large, experienced team of helpdesk, network, and project engineers.  We pride ourselves on completing big projects overnight with minimal impact to your business.
  3. All our plans feature security training for all your employees, dark web monitoring to stay a step ahead of the hackers, and business identity theft protection including phishing simulations, so your employees are ahead of the game.

SNC Squared is here to help – including several one-time offers for new customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If you want to find out why so many area businesses have trusted SNC Squared to supplement their IT departments for the past 22 years, please contact us at 417-622-0933.