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Even the Best IT Teams Need a Little Help Sometimes

Co-Managed IT Services by SNC Squared Saves Money

Save Money

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Increase Cyber Security

Co-Managed IT Services Provides Experts When You Need Them

IT Experts When You Need Them

From my experience, most companies are in a precarious situation:
You’re big enough to need a professional-grade IT department but can’t afford to add significant overhead in IT tools and staff – particularly IT specialists with the skills and tools that are only needed part-time.

Because of this, chances are your IT lead or department is underfunded, underutilized and struggling to keep up, and certainly isn’t as efficient as they could be. And while they’re working extremely hard to deliver the best IT services they possibly can, even the most competent IT person cannot do it all, know it all or handle the tsunami of tasks, details and projects being asked of them.

That’s where we can help.  We call this service “Co-Managed IT.”

What Is Co-Managed IT?

In short, co-managed IT services is a way for growing companies to get the helping hands, specialized expertise and IT management and automation tools they need WITHOUT the cost and difficulty of finding, managing and retaining a large IT staff OR investing in expensive software tools.

This is NOT about taking over your IT leader’s job or replacing your IT department. It’s also NOT a one-off project-based relationship where an IT company would limit their support to an “event” (although we can help you with projects).

It IS a flexible partnership to help you get superior IT support and services at a much lower cost. Here are just a few of the reasons why CEOs of similar-sized companies are moving to a co-managed IT services approach:

  • We don’t replace your IT staff; we make them BETTER. By filling in the gaps and assisting them, giving them best-in-class tools and training, and freeing them to be more proactive and strategic, we make them FAR more productive for you. As an added bonus, THEY won’t get burned out, frustrated and leave.
  • You don’t have to add to your head count. Let’s face it: overhead walks on two legs. Plus, finding, hiring and retaining TOP talent is brutally difficult. With co-managed IT, you don’t have the cost, overhead or risk of a big IT team and department. We don’t take vacations or sick leave. You won’t lose us to maternity leave, an illness, or because we have to relocate with our spouse or found a better job.
  • Your IT team gets instant access to the same powerful IT automation and management tools we use to make them more efficient. These tools will enable them to prioritize and resolve your employees’ problems faster, improve communication and make your IT department FAR more effective and efficient. These are software tools your company could not reasonably afford on its own, but they are included with our co-managed IT program.
  • “9-1-1” on-site. In the unexpected event your IT leader was unable to perform their job OR if a disaster were to strike, we could instantly provide support to prevent the wheels from falling off.
  • You get a TEAM of smart, experienced IT pros. No one IT person can know it all. Because you’re a co-managed IT client, your IT lead will have access to a deep bench of expertise to figure out the best solution to a problem, to get advice on a situation or error they’ve never encountered before and to help decide what technologies are most appropriate for you (without your having to do the work of investigating them ALL).
  • You’ll stop worrying (or worry less!) about falling victim to a major cyber-attack, outage or data-erasing event. We can assist your IT leader in implementing next-gen cyber security protections to prevent or significantly mitigate the damages of a ransomware attack or security breach. We can also assist in providing end-user awareness training and help you initiate controls to prevent employees from doing things that would compromise the security and integrity of your network and data.

Is Co-Managed IT Right For You?

If this has struck a chord and you want to explore how (if?) a co-managed IT relationship would benefit you. You can download it INSTANTLY at the top of this page.

This guide features in-depth details about co-managed IT and provides answers to frequently asked questions CEOs have, important information about picking the right IT firm to partner with, as well as case studies and cost-analysis information. It will also reveal 5 tell tail signs your I.T. department is being pushed beyond their capabilities and whether or not they are TRULY as efficient as they could be, maximizing your ROI.

How to Get Started With Co-Managed IT

  1. Fill out the form or Call Us for a 10 Minute Introductory Meeting.
  2. Meet Our Team for an In-Depth Discovery Meeting.
  3. Hire Us to Help Your IT Team.

Why Us?

We are a partner you can TRUST. We’re the team that will stay up into the wee hours of the night fixing a problem. We’re the team you can call when an unexpected problem or crisis arises. And because we already know your environment, we can step in at any time FAST.

But don’t take my word for it see what others say:

Always pleased with the reliable, competent and friendly service

We have been working with John and SNC Squared from their beginning and are always pleased with the reliable, competent and friendly service we receive. Even though I am the in-house IT person for our company, there are times that I need assistance with large projects, special problems or coverage for when I am out of town. John has always been there to cover for me and assist Jasper Products with our networking and hardware needs. We couldn’t ask for a better partner!
– IT Manager – Jasper Products

I don’t have to worry about security threats or downtime

Thanks to SNC Squared and the Managed Services Program they provide, the entire burden of computer support has been taken off my back, and I don’t have to worry about security threats or downtime. Now we are getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being taken care of. It’s really helped speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don’t have the recurring problems that we had in the past. For a small business like ours, Managed Services just makes sense. It gives you the real necessities of support you need at a very fair price.
– Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri

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