Benefits of recycling electronics

by | Jan 12, 2021 | As Seen On TV, Community

The holidays are a popular time to upgrade devices like cell phones, laptops, and tablets, leading to old devices gathering dust.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “Everyone gets new electronics, you get new games, new technology, phones. Computers, tablets.”

And just pitching the old device is an option, but it doesn’t have to wind up in the landfill.

“All that electronics has gold and copper and silver and metals that are in some aspects toxic.”

Salvaging a million smartphones means saving 35,000 pounds of copper and nearly 800 of silver. Recycling can mean those old parts help make new electronics. The device can also be donated if it still works.

“And they can use it – there are many individuals out there that would like old gaming consoles and old technology that works perfectly fine. It’s just that you have outgrown them.”

You may also want to consider spending a little more on a better model. That could extend how long you keep your electronics.

“You’re not getting rid of them as much as reducing the number of devices your getting.”

And getting rid of. Last and not least, make sure you’re wiping any personal information from the device regardless of how you get rid of it.

“I guess worst case scenario you can take the hard drive out and take a hammer to it and that’s one way of disposing of the equipment so there’s no information on it. But yes, obviously you want to make sure that your information is not on there and your information is perfectly secure.”