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Recognized by local news, SNC Squared CEO John Motazedi, answers technology questions in the Joplin/Pittsburg area about internet threats, cyber security, networks, backups, identity theft, kids internet safety, and disaster recovery.

Cyber Attacks

Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
Hacking is becoming easier as technology advances. Public wireless connections such as those at airports or coffee shops can make you very vulnerable.

Joplin Business Expo App

Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
The application has a list of exhibitors, a floor map, even background on the Joplin Chamber of Commerce.

Disaster Recovery Ground Zero

Interview by Master of Disaster
He was at ground zero when the devastating tornados struck on May 22, 2011. Much of the town was simply leveled.

Data Recovery

Interview by JTECH Networks
A Data Recovery Story - John Motazedi, SNC Squared, lessons learned after the Joplin tornado.

Social Media ID Theft

Interview by KSN Local News | Joplin
Motazedi says the trouble begins when you add them as a friend, and then, Sergeant Rusty Rives with the Joplin Police Department says the information mining begins.

Our Kids: Social Media

Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
Motazedi encourages parents to have conversations with their children about the dangers of social media.

Post Tornado Disaster Recovery

Interview by CNR Magazine
Post Tornado interview with CRN magazine, HTG Hands that Give. With mostly medical clients, we have to make sure they are running again as quickly as possible.


Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
With bitcoin, the biggest issue turned out to be the anxiety of dealing with money she couldn't touch or feel.

Our Kids: App Awareness

Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
The issues is, when it's on the internet, it's no longer private. Nothing is private. And the unfortunate problem with that is once it's out there, it's out there to stay.

World Backup Day

Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
So World Backup Day aims to, if not prevent a disaster, at least make sure you can reconnect after the crash.

Ransomeware On The Rise

Interview by KODE Action 12 News | Joplin
In the worst case scenario, you're locked out of your own computer. You get a pop up that says you've got X number of hours to provide them something.

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