President/CEO – Joplin Metro Credit Union

Joplin Metro Credit Union was looking to revamp their current website, and after getting acquainted with SNC Squared we learned they did website design. Amy at SNC Squared set up the appointment immediately, and Preston visited our office to learn more about our company and share what they could do for us as far as a website. He was great! I was impressed with how quickly they responded to our request. Throughout the process, we worked with Mark and he was Excellent! Always available and constantly communicating with us about the website and the progress. He would set up regular appointments with us and we would visit their office to cover everything in detail. We never felt rushed during the meetings. He always took the time to listen to our ideas. Their design team would offer suggestions and then allow us to give our feedback. Anytime we asked for something to be changed Mark was so fast about getting it done! Everything was a smooth process and I was highly impressed with how quickly they completed our website! Our website has added features and looks amazing! Our members love it! Going through SNC Squared is a secure and compliant way to go.

CFO – Hampshire Pet Products

Thanks to SNC and the services they provide, the work required to keep our disaster recovery system functioning correctly has been virtually eliminated. I used to spend hours and hours setting up back-up jobs, reviewing job completion errors, rotating tapes, taking tapes to the safe deposit box, etc, but now I rarely get involved with any of the processes. And, the process is very stable and reliable. I have yet to ask for a lost file to be replaced, or an entire virtual server to be rebuilt from back-up, that the data wasn’t ready and waiting. If you haven’t implemented a full-scale back-up program, or if you are still using tape back-ups, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the service John has to offer you; it is worth the time and money.

IT Manager – Jasper Products

JP appreciates our relationship with SNC Squared and we value the Managed Services Program they provide. The Managed Services Program greatly reduces worries about security threats or downtime. JP is now getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being reliably and consistently taken care of. It’s really helped secure and speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don’t have some of the recurring problems we had in the past. For a growing and expanding business like ours, Managed Services just makes sense. It gives JP the necessities of support we need at a very fair price. The SNC Squared Team has been great to work with, and I feel like they are part of the JP team.

Executive Director – Choices Medical

As a new client of SNC Squared, one of the things we really appreciate about SNC Squared is their knowledge of the medical field. We needed someone to help move us into that direction. You pretty much can’t function unless you’ve got that kind of resource at your fingertips. That’s where I think SNC Squared has a plethora of different services, not just with the computers or the backups or the on-call 24 hours.

Administrator – Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri

Thanks to SNC Squared and the Managed Services Program they provide, the entire burden of computer support has been taken off my back, and I don’t have to worry about security threats or downtime. Now we are getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being taken care of. It’s really helped speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don’t have the recurring problems that we had in the past. For a small business like ours, Managed Services just makes sense. It gives you the real necessities of support you need at a very fair price.

Owner – Martin Building Products

I can tell you that SNC Squared has never let me down. I rest assured if it is a technical issue that needs addressing John and his group can either resolve it or have access to the resources to resolve it. The urgency and quick response times provided to my companies has been un-matched by any other computer support group or software vendor I have dealt with. Many people consider the IT side and maintenance thereof, to be an overhead and don’t think they can afford the added costs, I would simply say at the rates and service level I have received, and you cannot afford to not have it. In this ever changing world of viruses, patches, and updates SNC Squared is vital for peace of mind.

President – PRG Prototyping

In my 15 years in business, I have never been so happy with my computer network. If you rely on your computer system to run your business, then you should call SNC Squared. Finding the right partner to help make this goal a reality was key.SNC provides us with what we need to run efficiently every day. If a computer or network goes down, we have no concerns because our crucial data is 100% backed up, and technicians are working to get us back up immediately. In our business, security and backup is all we have. Our customers expect us to keep their information forever, and SNC makes this easy. If we have any IT problems internally, it’s handled quickly and efficiently. SNC understands that time is money and I have peace of mind knowing I have someone to call who will get us back up and running ASAP if something does go down. I feel I can trust SNC Squared to do what’s right for my company. You don’t find that with all IT companies.

Office Manager – M&T Dermatology

SNC Squared was instrumental in defining deficiencies within our computer equipment and network. They provided us with recommendations and a proposal to watch our Server 24/7, something we had never done before. Now if our server has problems, SNC Squared knows about it immediately and is able to remedy the problems, most times remotely. In addition, our operating system is kept up to date, as well as our virus protection. All of this is done without it affecting our daily use of our systems. We have been very pleased we took the leap to have our systems monitored consistently and we are very pleased with the staff’s technical abilities and customer service.

Compliance Officer – Ortho Four States

The staff at SNC Squared has helped our business achieve all of our Electronic Medical Record goals. They were there through the entire process from conception to completion. I feel confident they will continue to help us with any IT related item that could come up. They are just a phone call away. I would recommend their services to any business owner needing assistance with their IT issues.

MD – Family Health Center Direct

John has helped us with our computers and network for about 6 years. During that time we have changed servers, software, wireless routers, set up a secure wireless network, a VPN tunnel, remote access, and probably some other things I can’t remember. We have yet to come up with a problem they cannot fix. They are always pleasant to work with, never display frustration at the messes we have caused trying to fix it ourselves. Our national software vendor has been impressed with him as well. In short, we are VERY pleased with their work.

Office Manager – M&T Dermatology

SNC Squared was extremely influential in helping us with our internal HIPAA compliance policies and defining deficiencies within our computer equipment and network. They provided us with recommendations and solutions to our issues. We are now in a much better position to meet the new requirements for Meaningful Use and provide better service for our patients. They guarantee their services 100% and we have been very pleased with them monitoring our systems. They have excellent staff and provided great customer service.

IT Manager – Jasper Products

We have been working with John and SNC Squared from their beginning and are always pleased with the reliable, competent and friendly service we receive. Even though I am the in-house IT person for our company, there are times that I need assistance with large projects, special problems or coverage for when I am out of town. John has always been there to cover for me and assist Jasper Products with our networking and hardware needs. We couldn’t ask for a better partner!

CPA – Schmidt Associates

The other day I was working on my computer and I got a call from SNC Squared. An engineer said, ‘I see your hard drive is having some problems, there are some issues. I am ordering you a new one and I’ll be out to fix it.’ I didn’t even know that I had a problem. And, I was just thinking ‘WOW,’ think of all the data that saved because they noticed I was having a problem, even when I didn’t.