Answers to your questions about service plans, guarantees, service area, how to contact us, service tickets, email, billing, payments, quotes, and more.
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Q: What kinds of service plans do you offer and what do they cover?
A: Our most popular and effective plan is our Platinum Managed Services. This provides for unlimited remote and on-site service as it pertains to your network and ensures that you get a true fixed-fee support cost. We monitor and will provide service to your network 24/7. However, we do offer alternative plans based on your IT needs. Please get in touch with us to see how our managed services can fit in with your company’s needs.

Q: Will you guarantee that I won’t have any technical problems or downtime?
A: No, we cannot guarantee that you will never have any technical problems or downtime; no one can. However, we will guarantee you will see a significant drop in the number of problems you experience and a dramatic improvement in the speed, performance, and reliability of your systems. We also guarantee our response times based on the emergency. And, if you are on our Platinum Service Plan, you will never see any additional invoices for maintaining your existing infrastructure.

Q: Do you guarantee your services?
A: Yes! We are so confident in our services that all of our support plans come with a 90-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee. We also unconditionally guarantee all our work. If you are ever not satisfied with any work we perform, just let us know and we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction, at no additional charge. We also have strict Service Level Agreements that we provide to you.

Q: You are located in Joplin, MO are you able to provide services outside the local area?
A: Absolutely! SNC Squared provides services to clients in many different states. Several of our clients have multiple locations. Our business model allows for full management of your systems regardless of your location. Should you need an on-site visit, we have relationships with trusted partners around the world and can dispatch specialists to any location with guaranteed reliability and response times.

Q: I need a service that is not specifically listed on your website. Does that mean you don’t provide it?
A: No. We try to cover our full range of services on our web site, however, it is difficult to detail each and every type of service we provide. Chances are if you ask if we can do it, the answer is YES or we will find somebody for you who can.

Q: What is the best way to contact SNC Squared for support?
A: If you are experiencing a technical emergency, please call the main office number at 417.622.0933 and a live person will assist you. If your call is after hours or everyone is on the phone, you can leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. If your issue is not an emergency, we recommend you send an e-mail to support@sncsquared.com or visit our customer portal on our web site.

  • What Is A “Service Ticket?”
    • When you have a technology problem or issue, you will be submitting a service ticket to SNC Squared through the three channels listed below. In this service ticket, we will track the problem, document our process for resolving the issue and will be documenting our communication with you about the issue.
    • Tickets are placed on our engineer’s schedule as they come in. Here is how we rank the EMERGENCY level of our tickets:
      • Priority 1 Emergency Response: An emergency is defined as a “site down,” an example of this is no internet connectivity, power, etc. SNC Squared will respond within 1 hour, put in a plan of action within 2 hours and have a resolution in 4 hours.
      • Priority 2 Quick Response: A quick response is defined as a key machine or key user is unable to work or a technology issue is directly affecting the line of business. SNC Squared will respond within 2 hours, put in a plan of action within 4 hours and have a resolution in 6 hours.
      • Priority 3 Normal Response: A normal response is for general service tickets. SNC Squared will respond within 3 hours, put in a plan of action within 8 hours and have a resolution in 24 hours.
    • Helpful Information: Please know what computer or printer is having the issue (look for a label on the tower of your machine with an assigned number, if you an MSP client) and know who the user is experiencing the problem.
  • How to Submit Service Tickets
    • By Phone
      • Call our office at 417.622.0933. We don’t have an automated message system. You’ll always get a live answer from our staff members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • By Email
      • Send an email to support@sncsquared.com with detailed information about your problem. You will receive an auto-response email letting you know we have received your request. The email will provide your ticket number if you should need it.
    • ConnectWise Customer Portal
      • You may also enter a service ticket through the ConnectWise customer portal. ConnectWise is the software system that we use to track our service tickets and schedule our engineers. Please use the link below to connect to the site.
      • https://connect.sncsquared.com/support
      • User Name: your email address
      • Password: sent with a welcome letter
      • The password can then be changed after logging in.
      • Other users can be added to the Portal at any time.
  • Who Can Submit Tickets?
    • For security and billing purposes, we only allow approved contacts to submit service tickets. Contacts listed as a “decision maker” have the ability to order and approve quotes to purchase hardware or software. If you would like to email or call us with a list of approvers and decision makers for your company, please email support@sncsquared.com or call the main line.
    • If an employee submits a request and they are NOT listed as an approved contact, the ticket will be put on hold until our staff has verified with an approved contact at your company.
  • Billing
    • Invoices are sent via email or through the US Postal Service, depending on your preference. In an effort to stay with the “Going Green” campaign, we prefer to send invoices via email. Your company will provide the names and email address of whom should receive the invoices. They can be sent to multiple people.
  • Payments
    • We have an online bill pay system called Connect Booster. You can use a credit card or ACH form of payment. You have multiple options for setting up invoices to be paid monthly. You may choose for just the monthly agreement invoice to be paid, or any invoices under an amount set by you or any/ all invoices.  The form of payment is charged on the 11th of every month. The user name and password are the same as the SNC Portal. Pay Now
  • Quotes
    • Quotes are created when the need is present for new hardware or software. These requests can be submitted the same way as a service ticket. Once the request is received, we will email a quote to the decision maker(s) of the company. A decision maker will need to send approval via email before we will order equipment. When the product is received, our engineers will then be in contact with you to schedule a time to deploy and install.