Our Core Values

The vision of SNC Squared continues today, many years after its inception.

Core values such as being on the same team, driven, providing the right solutions, integrity and fun continue to pave the way for our future.  Our success is based on a relationship with the community and our clients and the belief that serving others will ultimately benefit all.

Today, SNC Squared is a company of IT experts who pride themselves on offering cutting-edge services to businesses throughout the four-states area.

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Small Business IT Services Hero

Fun – We believe in what we do.  Our engineers not only enjoy working on the technology at work, but many take that love to their homes and continue even after hours.  It’s a commitment to making our customers happy and having a good time doing it.  The old saying of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is true.  We want our engineers to enjoy their work, not be bored, and address stressful issues promptly. Having fun while staying professional at work is perhaps the easiest way to achieve that.

SNC Squared engineers enjoy working with advanced technology. That's what Geek Hero's do!
SNC Squared is a team on your team.

Same Team – Part of what energizes us is a commitment to serve clients.  It is not about how John or Amy’s relationship with a client is but how the whole team works together with the client. Everyone is an integral piece of the puzzle.  Teamwork reduces the time it takes to solve issues. The team is not internal to our employees but the combination of SNC Squared and you, you are on our team and we are on yours.  We are the same team with the same goals.

Right Solution – The old saying “You get what you pay for” has merit.  At SNC Squared we believe the right solution for each client is different.  We take the time to discuss what your companies needs are and then find a solution that will serve you for the long haul.  Our goal is not the cheapest, or the fastest or the good but the best long-term value and solution for your company’s needs.

We take the time to find the right IT solutions for our clients.
Integrity is a word that represents our actions, words, and operations.

Integrity – Nothing is more important than to know your partner has your back and the best intentions for you and your organization.  Integrity is a word that represents our actions, our words and how we operate. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of the industry’s best practice solutions every day. SNC Squared will walk away from situations that put our client and our Integrity in question. We uphold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics in the industry.

Driven – At SNC Squared we deliver service, knowledge & technology in an ever-evolving world.  Our clients lean on us to provide them with good stable solutions with minimum downtime.  We are driven to reduce problems, by proactively remediating issues and anticipating faults in advance. Updates are scheduled after business hours to minimize interruptions. Problems that pop-up are responded to and addressed with urgency.  We are driven to keep our clients technology current and highly available. We also aim to provide comprehensive responsive and reliable services to our clients at all times by building a close working relationship and learning all the ins and outs of your company and its IT needs.

SNC Squared is driven to deliver high quality IT service, knowledge, and technology.

We will be the IT partner that delivers the right solutions.