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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - Joplin, Pittsburg, Kansas City

Data Backups

Why risk everything you’ve worked so hard for? Fires, floods, thefts and server crashes will negatively impact your business in more ways than one. Get peace of mind with our backup services.

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Network Security Services - Joplin, Pittsburg, Kansas City

Network Security

You wouldn’t leave your office doors unlocked when you leave for the night so why would you leave your network unsecured? Our network security solutions will make sure that your network and data are safe 24/7.

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DR Planning

You’ve worked hard to grow your business. But if you’re not prepared to face a disaster you could lose everything you’ve achieved. We get you back up and running when it matters most.

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Flat Fee IT Services - Joplin, Pittsburg, Kansas City

Flat Fee Services

Imagine a world where your IT was looked after proactively for a flat rate fee. Imagine saying goodbye to unplanned-for expenses come the month end. Yes - it’s time to be predictable.

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Why Choose Us?

All companies, from multinationals to small one-man businesses are increasingly reliant on IT to help them run their offices more efficiently. They use it to communicate with customers and increase collaboration between staff members. So, when there’s a problem with your internet, servers stop working or software crashes, it can bring your business to a grinding halt, meaning you’re facing downtime and even the loss of valuable revenue.

SNC Squared can take away stressful management of IT so you have more time to spend running your company. Our IT experts can monitor your systems around the clock to stop any potential problems before they damage your business.

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"The SNC Squared Team has been great to work with..."

JP appreciates our relationship with SNC Squared and we value the Managed Services Program they provide. The Managed Services Program greatly reduces worries about security threats or downtime. JP is now getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being reliably and consistently taken care of. It’s really helped secure and speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don’t have some of the recurring problems we had in the past. For a growing and expanding business like ours, Managed Services just makes sense. It gives JP the necessities of support we need at a very fair price. The SNC Squared Team has been great to work with, and I feel like they are part of the JP team.

Joe Wagner,
IT Manager


"We are VERY pleased with their work."

SNC Squared has helped us with our computers and network for about 6 years. During that time we have changed servers, software, wireless routers, set up a secure wireless network, a VPN tunnel, remote access, and probably some other things I can’t remember. We have yet to come up with a problem they cannot fix. SNC Squared is always pleasant to work with, they never display frustration at the messes we have caused trying to fix it ourselves. Our national software vendor has been impressed with him as well. In short we are VERY pleased with their work.

Cynthia D. Croy,
Family Health Center of Joplin, Inc.


"In this ever changing world of viruses, patches, and updates SNC Squared is vital for peace of mind."

Having been involved in the ownership and operations of two different companies over a period of 7 years, I can tell you that SNC Squared has never let me down. I have presented many different operating configurations from work stations, server’s switches, routers and various operating systems and software packages. I rest assured if it is a technical issue that needs addressing John and his group can either resolve it or have access to the resources to resolve it.

Rick Kennedy,
Martin Building Products


Free report

Do you worry how prepared your business is for unexpected disasters? Do you feel that your IT and data could be at risk? What would you do in the event of a power-out, flood or fire? . SNC Squared can help set your mind at ease by looking over your systems and delivering a free report about potential danger spots in your company’s IT systems as well as invaluable advice about how you can be up and running in no time after a disaster.

Computer Support - Joplin, Pittsburg, Kansas City

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About SNC Squared

SNC Squared Technology Group is a company of IT experts who pride themselves on offering cutting-edge services to businesses throughout Joplin, Missouri and its surrounding areas.

We not only ensure that your computers networks and systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible but we also aim to provide comprehensive responsive and reliable services to our customers at all times by building a close working relationship, and learning all the ins and outs of your company and its IT needs.

We will be the IT partner that delivers solutions, whatever the needs of your company.

We now even offer HIPAA training for any companies that have to be compliant with the ever-changing world of healthcare IT. And, we make sure that our team of experts are always on the cutting edge and up to date with the newest technology thanks to ongoing training.

IT Consulting - Joplin, Pittsburg, Kansas City